Samsung Galaxy S III to Hit 28 Countries Today

May 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The big thing from Samsung is already here and is spreading across continents today. Yes, the flagship device from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S III is hitting the markets across 28 countries in Europe and Middle East today.

However, the South Korean phone maker is not just going to stop it there, as they have announced that by July, Galaxy S III will be available in 145 countries.

Today’s launch is the largest single device push in Samsung’s history with the number of target markets involved.

In July, when the new device will improve its market presence across the globe, there will be 296 network carriers worldwide who offer this exciting Android 4.0 Ice Creams Sandwich device to Android lovers world over.

Being the first Android Smartphone to get a lot of pre-release attention from media, Samsung Galaxy S III is promoted aggressively by major network carriers in the world including Vodafone and Singapore’s SingTel.

Market observers speculate that at that rate, the new rig may topple the record set by its predecessor by touching a 20 million unit sale in markets worldwide. Vodafone UK has already announced that S III has become the most pre-ordered Smartphone on their network.

To refresh you, this most potent iPhone rival from Samsung packs a 4.8″ Super AMOLED display at 1280×720 resolution. It has an 8MP rear cam and 1.9MP front cam. With dual-GPS and a 2100mAh battery, it has fewer rivals in the game.

However, the real game for the S III will come out when Apple unveils the upcoming iPhone.

Do you think S III will dent the market show of the upcoming iPhone?

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