Nintendo Wii U Game Console Less Likely To Get a Name Change

May 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now it appears that the trend of trading the odd sounding code names for cute names before the gaming consoles hit the market is thinning out.

As the gaming community all over the world anxiously waits for the upcoming gaming console from Nintendo, sources close to the company suggest that there are fewer chances for Nintendo to change the name of the gaming console from Wii U to something else.

Widely known as the code name of the gaming console project on which Nintendo is working on, Wii U has already grabbed a lot of lime light. But speculation was rife that the company will change the name when it hits the markets.

But looking at the way at which Nintendo is aggressively pursuing the pre-release marketing campaigns, there are fewer chances that the company may change the name later.

Nintendo has also put up a Facebook fan page for the upcoming console with the new logo. If they were to take away the present name, all such brand building efforts will become futile, points out observers.

In all cases, the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo will be crucial for the company since they can actually hype the console in the show. Moreover, major rivals like Microsoft and Sony have already made it clear that they are not going to unveil any new hardware at the E3show.

However, Nintendo has to make it sure that they put up a focused attempt and not something that will confuse the folks like what they have done in the last year’s edition of E3 expo.

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