NHK Shows Off Super Hi Vision Format Cam That Shoots 33 Megapixel Visuals at 120 Frames Per Second

May 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

High Definition may be a relatively new standard for visual quality in media production, but it is soon to give way to better standards.  Some new devices, which the major television production companies and film production companies show off these days, outperform HD.

Confirming this, Japanese television company NHK has unveiled a mammoth camera – both in its size and the pictures captured.

The cam which was specially made to demonstrate the latest Super Hi Vision format from NHK, is capable of capturing visuals and converting them to digital format at the rate of four billion pixels per second.

In other words, the camera shoots 33 megapixel visuals at 120 frames per second. To digest it easily, consider the crystal clear videos you shoot and watch on your iPhone 4S. Its camera is just 8 mega pixel and that video plays at 24 frames per second.

In fact, NHK is not a lone player here. News organizations like BBC and film making companies like Sony have already started trying out these ‘beyond HD’ spaces well in advance.

For instance, Peter Jackson’s new film ‘The Hobbit’ will be recorded in 48 frames per second in 4k resolution, which is often called next gen HD which is approximately four times sharper than the present HD.

BBC has already announced that they will be shooting some events of this year’s Olympics with Toshiba’s £7,000 ZL2 in above HD resolutions. However, the highest irony is that there are no devices presently which can show videos in 4K resolutions in their full glory.

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