An App To Stalk Women in Bars, Scene Tap Under Criticism For Helping Creeps

May 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An app is under fire for extending a helping hand to stalkers who are on the prowl for females. Scene Tap is an innovative app (obviously!) which helps anybody to find public places crowded with people of their preference, but now it seems to help female stalking too.

Scene Tap works with the help of face detection technology and the cameras installed in several bars and night clubs in San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas; Athens, Georgia; Bloomington, Indianapolis; Chicago; Gainesville, Florida; and Madison, Wisconsin.

Users can opt to select a venue and request the app to deliver the details on the nature of the crowd there or how crowded the bar or night club is.

So the associated cameras scan the crowd and with the help of the face detection technology, determines the gender and average age of the members of the crowd.

Then it sends the info to the user so that he or she can decide whether to visit that place or not. But apparently, the app has turned out to be a favorite for creeps who are looking for places crowded by women which has made women attendees feel that it is more like hunting them down with the help of an app.

Due to the flood of complaints, many bars in San Fransisco who have opted to install the cams, have backed out.

Moreover, the app has been severely criticized for alleged privacy violations and unethical practices. Though the app does not reveal any private information like photos or names, the fact that the demographic information is being collected without the consent of the people, has made it on the wrong side.

After all, we don’t like cameras watching us and sending that to unknown people without our consent, right?

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