ViewSonic‘s 22 Inch Smart Business Tablet Monitors With ICS To Come Out at Computex in Taipei

May 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When do you call a device tablet? Usually when it has screen sizes between 7 inch and 11 inch and features a touch screen, right? If so, you may have to seriously consider refining your definition for tablets or find some other name to call what ViewSonic is planning to bring out, as the device in is announced to feature a 22 inch wide display. You may probably call it mammoth tablet.

And the news is that this mammoth device will be just like a 22 inch television running Android Ice cream Sandwich.

While we would love to run and play with Android Ice cream Sandwich on such a bigger screen, we really hate describing something 22 inches in size as a portable device.

But ViewSonic is not discouraged by such concerns. The emerging information suggests that the company plans to show off the device at Computex at Taipei on June 5th onwards.

The interesting part is that the company aims at showcasing a wide array of these products which they call ‘smart business tablet monitors’. Obviously, the company thinks it will be a hot cake not among individuals but among business organizations who will find it so handy to carry out presentations in an attractive way.

The news in the wind has it that the rig will come on Windows platform too, if by chance you don’t like the Android idea. Obviously, the rig will pack an impeccable screen resolution and a massive battery to keep the juices for the massive device.

A wall mount or stand will be coming along as not many like holding a tablet such big for longer.

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