[SOA]2 System and App Make iPad a Soldiers Tool For Night Combat and More

May 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Many called iPad a killer machine when it came out to the public. Now a company named Special Operations Apps actually wants to make it a killer machine. Or at least, they want to make it work with other killer machines available.

The company has announced developing special operations apps and compatible military grade optics attachments for iPhone and iPad.

In short, it makes a smartphone like the iPhone or a tablet like iPad work with specialized machines and software applications used for military purpose.

The system which is named [SOA] 2 allows military personnel to get more precise information on terrain and intelligence on hostile positions in a more trendy way with an iPad, say by using its geo-tagging feature which uses the standard military grid reference system and frame stamped high-definition video recording. It makes the military personal to geo tag the videos which will be accurate within 7 m.

It also allows the iPhone or iPad to be attached with high-end military optics, weapons, or other equipment permanently or temporarily, according to the purpose.

The system also makes iPad one of the most useful devices in night time combats when night-vision technology when they can display images using night-vision technology on their screen, giving a better view of the target to the soldier. Soldiers can also opt to record the video in the night vision mode.

The system, on its hardware front, packs a multiuse optics case integrator, unique light weight Ultem 2300 adapter rings and Hoodman System Accessories.

On its software front, [SOA]2 brings along a proprietary software platform that offers a set of special functionalities and tactical navigation apps.

However, the most exciting thing about [SOA]2 is that it can also be compatible with Android and Windows Phone devices too, if by chance your army does not like fruits in their policies.

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