Google Glass Makes a Public Appearance at Photo Walk, Web Flooded With Pics and Videos

May 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Project Glass or, plainly, Google Glass was making headlines every now and then in the tech news sphere right from the first rumor that the search giant is working on a pair of specs.

Now time has passed so much that Google Glass has at last came out to give us a more close up look with a recent photo walk this week.

With a group of Googlers going up on a photo walk, apparently looking at the world through the brand new, raw (no FCC approval yet) Google Glasses and clicking on whatever they seen through the eyes, the world also has a glimpse of the Google Glasses, though it is not able to click anything it looks at as a digital picture.

Now we have plenty of pictures taken with the rig and videos shot with Google Glasses online, thanks to the photo walk where the members were given a pair of Google Glasses to wear during the walk, and to take pictures with them, instead of using usual cameras.

Now those who don’t believe without seeing, look at the pictures shared here to have a look at the future goggles which came out in multicolor prototypes of trendy blue and orange shades, apart from the usual black one.

Observe closely, you may notice a mini screen on which people are watching something while just looking forward, as they usually do.

The pictures also show us the microUSB port on the prototype, a bulged back end which houses the power unit and processors and obviously, the dedicated camera button on the top of the glasses too.

Now watch a video shot with Google Glasses after the break.

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