Future Street Lamps To offer Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Networks and Car Charging in Vancouver

May 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As technology develops and innovation knows no bounds, even the street lights can offer a convergence of features in the future cityscapes. That is what the concept of the future street lights developed by Douglas Coupland shows.

Dubbed as ‘the V-Pole’, these streetlights can offer a lot of functions in cityscapes. With its LED bulbs, it can obviously carry out the role of any usual street lamp. At the same time, they offer Wi-Fi connectivity and improved network coverage to the passersby.

In addition, V-Poles can also help charge electric cars through underground inductive car charging pads and can even feature touch screens which people can use for getting directions and pay fees for parking spaces.

It is no mere future city concept we come across these days as Vancouver authorities are seriously considering the idea to be implemented in the province.

Apparently, the ‘V’ in the name stands for Vancouver as the province is in a move to install 570 new electric car charging stations and to replace the old sodium street lamps. Since the V-Pole concept puts everything together, authorities find it very useful in urban areas.

To offer Wi-Fi and to function as mobile phone towers, the V-Pole uses lightRadio, developed by Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Labs which are small cubes which can be stacked up and cover different frequencies.

With a limited range of one and half city blocks, they cannot reach out to the same area as a usual cell phone tower.

But the effective coverage will be more due to their large number and even distribution while offering a lean alternative for the huge infrastructure of a cell phone tower in a cramped urban area.

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