Remaining Core of The WebOS Team Leaves HP for Google

May 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HP has announced way back in January that it is switching its webOS to open source platform which followed significant layoffs to the HP team that was working on the platform. Now a majority of the remaining workers have found shelter under Google’s roof.

A core of the team which works on the Enyo HTML 5 development project, which is the app-creation framework of the webOS open source project, has been found migrating to Google’s stable leaving the project in jeopardy.

According to reports, at least half a dozen people who constituted the core of the Enyo team will take up Google as their new employer by next month.

Interestingly, the mass migration is not a result of any deal struck between HP and Google. The search giant has talked with individual workers in the team during the past month, apparently hiring them to the existing Google work force.

Presently it is not clear what these additional work force will do for Google, but observes feel that their talent will hone the prospects of Chrome OS which depends on HTML5 compatible web apps.

Meanwhile, HP has reiterated that the company will continue to develop Enyo and to fund the project to make webOS open source. According to HP, they will stick to the roadmap announced in January.

The webOS team was plagued with shedding away of the workforce members every now and then since the first layoffs hit the team.

It is not clear how HP will be planning to push the project to make the January deadline.

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