Pinterest Spamming Finds New Ways and Methods, Finds Web Security Analysts

May 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pinterest is now one of the more popular services on web with more than 11.7 million users. But the popularity has made it a favorite place for spammers also. If you are on Pinterest, be careful about the pit falls, since the spammers has updated their ways of attack on this popular  pinboard-style social photo sharing website.

Spammers are making use of the visual nature of the service to find their victims, with methods similar to what they have tried on Twitter and Facebook earlier.

The usual baits on Pinterest are enticing pictures and tempting captions coupled. So once the user clicks on the picture to follow the link, the spammers take them to fraudulent pages.

It may sound very simple to understand, but they are using different ways to get different people. For example they may post a delicious cupcake with click for recipe caption or captions that offer gifts for clicking.

However, once the user clicks on it, the picture will redirect him or her to a malware infested site that may install malware to your system, apparently stealing your personal info.

Another method of spamming on Pinterest demands the users to repin the spam image onto users’ Pinterest to get prizes. Once the user fall for the bait, the scam spreads through the Pinterest followers.

Security analysts have also observed that similar spam attempts may also demand the users to take part in surveys or download a form which will in fact download malware to the system.

So be careful before blindly clicking on anything on Pinterest and remember, not many gifts and free offers come without having some strings or even some malware attached.

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