Microsoft Office App for iPad and Android Tablets to Come Out in November

May 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to growing the market share and performance of a product, one may find a solution anywhere, no matter if it is from a friend or a foe.

That is what Microsoft thinks in improving the market potential of the productivity application from its stables, the good old Microsoft Office Suit.

No matter how many different productivity apps are available on smartphone and tablet platforms, everybody first thinks about the Microsoft Office suit due to its early emergence and popularization during the PC era.

Now, the software developer giant is planning to release the Office Suite app for two of its rival platforms- Android and iOS.

In a way, Microsoft cannot help itself rolling out a version for iOS and Android devices considering the growing popularity of those platforms in the tablet and smartphone market.

So as part of reaping some benefits from the growth of the rivals, Microsoft plans to make their footprints on these platforms by November when they launch Office for both Android tablets and iPad.

However, the Office app from Microsoft will raise tough challenge to existing productivity applications from CloudOn and OnLive apps which are already available for these tablets.

The November timing of the launch also is perfect since they are working on a Metro-styled Office for Windows 8 tablets which is rumored to see the day’s light in October.

Though reports suggest that the November launch rolls out ‘Office for iPad’, it seems that it may suit any gadget running on certain versions of iOS.

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