iCar Was Steve Jobs’ Dream, Reveals Apple Board Member

May 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Many of the car makers can now take a sigh at the demise of Steve Jobs, thinking that their business is saved, since the emerging revelations from the colleagues of the late Apple co-founder suggest that he even considered slicing into the car industry with a uniquely designed automobile.

According to an Apple broad member Mickey Drexler, Steve Jobs who has contributed heavily to ground breaking devices like iPhone and iPad has also mulled over making a better automobile design – something that would have changed the whole car making industry considering the potential of Steve’s innovativeness.

Remembering the iCar dreams of the late Apple boss, Drexler said Steve’s dream, was to design an iCar, but he was not able to do so before his death.

According to Drexler, if Jobs had designed the iCar and made it into the mass production lines, it would have dominated the industry by amassing at least 50 per cent of the market share.

The new revelation can be read along with the earlier rumors which suggested that the iGiant has been trying to roll out a car from its idea factory for years.

The rumor mills have even claimed that Jobs has once met with the Volkswagen Group head to find collaborative opportunities in designing a car meant for the youth.

While Jobs was not able to design the vehicle, 22-year-old transport design student Liviu Tudoran has developed the concept for a three seater with Apple inspired design elements which looks like an Apple mouse.

The concept car allows the driver to change the color of the car with the help of the “photocromic” exterior and features a touch display hat cover the whole dash board. It has a convertible roof and can be charged with the solar receptors in the glass too.

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