Windows Phone 8 Concept UI Puts it Close to Windows 8

May 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, everybody is anxious about how the Windows Phone 8 will look like as the new version of the Smartphone platform from Microsoft is about to come out.

However, before Microsoft reveals its official UI, artist RVanhauwere has made a mockup of what he thinks Windows Phone 8 would look like in its UI. We just share it here to quench the anxiety of our readers.

In artist’s concept, the new Smartphone platform will have resemblance with the Windows 8 OS as Microsoft is planning to make both the platforms to unify more in the future.

So the artist’s concept retains the usual start screen with Metro’s Live Tiles that is unique to Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

The tiles allow users to pin their favorite apps and shortcuts and they can be navigated by flicking the tiles up and down. In this concept, a swipe from the right side will fetch the Start screen element from Windows 8 complete with the mini apps that act like widgets.

Such a design move could make the company to face the risk of delayed adoption but at the same time it will offer the advantages of creating consistency of user experience across platforms and help make a unified ecosystem for a diverse genre of gadgets.

Though the whole picture is yet to come out, Microsoft sources have so far confirmed features like PC-less synchronize environment, NFC support and a rapidly growing ecosystem of apps for Windows Phone 8.

It is heard to bring along a server-side compression technology for IE 10 which will help control data usage.

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