There is an App to Stop Douche Parking Now

May 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is an app for everything now. But is there one to stop douche parking? Yes, thinks digital newspaper The Village in Russia. Created by the newspaper, the Parking Douche app tries to stop parking douches in Moscow.

In a bid to trigger better parking culture in the Russian cities where hap hazard parking is a usual sight, the app “allows to take pictures of wrongly parked cars in the streets and upload them into a database that shows these pictures on and partner web-sites”.

The promotional video shows that pedestrians can take a picture of the vehicle with the license plates visible and upload it to the web.

According to the video, “the data are streamed live to meta-ads that are targeted through an IP address, so people who live or work close to the locations these cars were parked see it”.

The app, according to the video, will then create pop-up ads that appear on neighbors’ computers which forcing them to share the pics on social media, obviously interrupting users from smooth online activity.

Though we find the pop-up part of the app will make the whole neighborhood suffer for a douche bag parker whom they don’t even know, we admit that the social shaming campaign may deter such irresponsible douche bag parkers.

Hope it will create a better parking culture in the Russia and elsewhere. Now if you think the app is just fictional, you are wrong. Head to Play Store and find the app here.

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