Sidecar App and its ‘See What I See’ Feature Allows Users to Share Their Perspective Live

May 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hope you remember Socialeyes, an interesting app which brought to you video sessions with people you have never met before all of a sudden.

The idea was so innovative and interesting, but the only issue was that many who came in the stream were too eager to show off things which others were not very much interested in watching. That killed Socialeyes but the idea never died down.

They now have a new name – Sidecar- and plan to reimagine telephony. The idea of reimagining telephony with the ability of the rapidly improving camera features of today’s smartphones is now available as a free app for iOS and Android devices.


The app offers two interesting services. Like other VOIP apps, it allows you to call others who have the same app free of charge inside the US and Canada. That is usual but the other is just ground breaking. Dubbed as Smart Calling, the second service allows users to make a set of actions during a live call.

The most attractive task among them is the See What I See function which allows users to share a live stream of video from the rear camera of their phone with the guy at the other end.

If you choose, you can also share the stream from the front cam too. The app allows you to do it during a call and the user at the other end cannot record the video stream except capturing a still frame from the stream.

Using See What I See is just like borrowing somebody’s eyes or perspective for some time and it is going to change the way we see things very soon. But that is no all with Sidecar, now get the app and try it for yourself and then let us know what you feel.

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