Ion HD Sports Video Cameras Launched, Get Ready to Shoot Your Next Bike Race in HD

May 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Delicate gadgets are not suitable for adrenalin pumping sports events like a mountain bike race. Now a special rugged HD cam has come out to help you folks to shoot those high spirited moments right at the point of impact.

Ion Worldwide has just released their new line of HD sports video cameras which are meant for recording adrenaline filled adventure sports moments in high quality HD videos. Dubbed as Ion Air Pro, it is available in three different models to give you enough options to pick from.

According to company’s claim, the flagship model named Ion Air Pro Wi-Fi is the first of its kind to offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

The feature makes it capable of connecting to an associated app to view and share the recorded content instantaneously to the web. The app is now available only for iOS devices, but the team is working on an Android version too.

The storage of the high quality massive video clips will not be an issue since you get an 8 GB space free on cloud from, with the purchase of the cam.

The Ion Air Pro cameras with their five-megapixel sensor can operate in single, burst or time-lapse mode to take still images while in video mode they can record 1080p HD video clips. The large slider switch helps trigger video recording while the dedicated camera button helps to snap still pics.

They tout their compact, tube-shaped design which is wind-resistant and waterproof up to 30 feet.

The base model, the Ion Air Pro, costs $229.99 while the Ion Air Pro Plus costs $289.99. However, the Ion Air Pro Wi-Fi costs $349.99.

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