Motorola DreamGallery OS to Hit Internet TVs to Challenge Google TV [Video]

May 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google may have got the green light to take over Smartphone making spin off Motorola Mobility, but they may have an in-house competitor for GoogleTV.

Though they are not yet into manufacturing televisions like they make smartphones, Motorola has come out with a possible answer from their stable for Google TV. It looks like they still want you people to have a Moto option when you think about a streaming television option.

Dubbed as DreamGallery, Motorola has just rolled out its brand new operating system for Internet-connected TVs.

According to the information immediately available after the roll out, Motorola DreamGallery functions almost similar to Google TV, but the only difference is that Motorola will have lure some of the major TV manufacturers into making hardware and trying the potential of the new OS from Moto out in the market.

Enchantingly, urging the TV watching folks to “Say ‘good-bye’ to the traditional grid,” in its slogan, DreamGallery expects to project a new image which is different from the standard interface that exists on most media-centric platforms.

Though it is yet to come out with a better preview, it is heard that the interface will present our apps in a series of parallel boxes. It looks like Motorola has packed enough to attar people with slogans like “intuitive graphics to help viewers find their content – fast” and “personalized recommendations” for new content.

It looks like it brings along various tools and services that will make it easier on both the content provider side and the end user side. Now check out the video below.

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