Russian Researchers Aim at Replacing Physical body with Humanoid Avatars by 2045

May 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Since time immemorial, human has tried to defeat one natural phenomenon: death. Despite the prolonged struggle, death still sweeps people off the time line even in the digital era.

Now, a social initiative named Russia 2045 aims at achieving this goal by creating humanoids, which are robot replicas of living human beings.

Founded and led by Russia’s media baron Dmitry Itskov, the program is also known as Avatar program, since it aims at creating four different avatars.

The group plans to develop a robot which looks like a human and can be controlled by with human brain by 2020. Adding five years more, the group hopes to develop a real human brain transplanted to a humanoid that can be controlled with the help of the transplanted brain.

Though it may sound like chapters of science fiction, the group thinks that within a decade from the point, the avatar will be able to host a human personality with the help of an artificial brain.

If you think the plans end there, you are wrong. The team behind Avatar group envisions a concept which can be described as a ‘hologram like avatar’ to be developed by 2045 in which the brain will be a part of it.

The hologram like avatar, according to the team, will have improved functionality than the existing original body and will look similar to real human being.  So far, the group has not reached anywhere closer to these ideas, except making a prototype which can blink its eyes and move its fingers.

Though it is yet to see if they will be able to meet the deadlines and come out with actual results, the group still ponders exceptional ideas like allowing human to control reality through thought.

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