Microsoft Requests users to get the WP 7.5 Update Soon

May 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If there are late birds among our readers who always postpone things and if they own a Windows Phone, this post is for them.

A recent blog post from Microsoft’s director of program management Mazhar Mohammed tries to push as many late birds as possible to get to the latest WP upgrade to their phones as early as possible.

In the official blog post, the Microsoft top executive requests those Windows Phone users who are still not finished updating their device to the latest Windows Phone 7.5. Interestingly, often it is the software developer who is blamed for not rolling out necessary updates or sending timely notifications to update user’s devices.

But this time, it seems there are folks who are still clutching o the old version of the platform. Guys, if you are not yet done the upgrade, you will find it difficult to buy, download and install new apps from Windows Marketplace.

The request for update from Microsoft comes as the teams are closing to making the WP 7.5 as the basic requirement to access Windows Marketplace. So with the upgrade, users can easily buy, download and install favorite apps.

Now, if you plan to check for an update, inspired by our post, owners of Windows Phone 7 devices can hook up their devices to a PC and use Zune software to spot an available update. If you are on a Mac, use the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac instead.

Apart from the flexibility o access Windows Marketplace, WP 7.5 upgrade also brings along the ability to make custom ringtones, visual voicemail, and better power saving options.

It also enables voice based text messaging, Facebook chat, Twitter and LinkedIn integration to your Smartphone. Now, no more waiting, go for the upgrade.

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