Google- Motorola Mobility Merger gets Green Signal from Chinese Authorities

May 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

At last the search god has found a green signal from the antitrust and competition regulating authorities in China for the much awaited merger move in which they are going to gulp in a major Android Smartphone manufacturing subsidiary, Motorola Mobility.

With the nod from Chinese authorities, the deal which worth $12.5 billion reached the completion of the regulatory review process worldwide.

With the development, the merger is expected to take place in the upcoming week.

Due to the multinational nature of the companies, approval from authorities in many nations was a prerequisite for the smooth merger of the two companies.

Due to this, the merger has been delayed at least for some months even after US Justice department and European Union regulators have given a green signal to the deal in February. Israel,Taiwan and China were the remaining national players who had to make their say about the deal.

The delay was mainly caused by a second phase of review by the Chinese authorities, which is widely believed to be triggered due to the bitter relation between Google and China.

There are unconfirmed reports that the search giant had to agree to keep Android in the open platform as free for the next five years at least. This precaution is to keep the duo away from preventing other phone makers accessing Android, giving some leverage to Motorola phones.

However, the move gives exceptional leverage to Google as it has got its Smartphone ecosystem complete with a major handset manufacturer under its roof. Hope Android will get improved.

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