Ogmento Offers Enhanced Gaming Experience with Augmented Reality [Video]

May 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran
If you are a serious gamer, this is something that might excite you big time. Chances are that you haven’t heard of Ogmento until now. Okay, Ogmento is an Israeli start up that creates high-quality augmented reality, or AR, games that could knock you socks off.
Ogmento’s games can track targets in real time and can have a tank fire into a luminary crowd.
Currently, the company sells a game called NBA: King of the Court and there is a prototype game of tanks which is all set to make its way into the gaming industry in the near future. Ogmento uses different rendering techniques to make their games more fun.
Ori Inbar, CEO of Ogmento, said the company has developed games for mobiles phones that, for the first time, uses high-end robotic technologies like SLAM, or  Simultaneous Localization and Mapping.
He said that SLAM is usually a technique used in robots and autonomous vehicles to make a map of an unknown place without any prior knowledge of it while keeping track of their current location at the same time.
Inbar and Ogmento co-founder Brian Selzer have experience in gaming and AR. From the looks of it, AR is going to be a very successful operation.

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