Next Gen iPhone Blessed By Steve Jobs Design Ideas

May 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Steve Jobs has left legacy behind, in the form of an unmatched company and an array of unrivaled products. It has now emerged that we will still have products with Jobs’s mark on them, long after he is gone.

A recent report suggests that the legendary tech guru and co-founder of Apple has worked closely with a team that designed the upcoming iPhone, apparently making it one of the last devices to get his contribution.

Since the preliminary works on the upcoming iPhone began well ahead in time, even before the release of its immediate predecessor iPhone 4S, Jobs was able to devote more time towards the design and features of the device before his unfortunate death.

Meanwhile, the shroud of secrecy still lingers over the upcoming iPhone. However, rumor mills  hint that the upcoming device will sport a 4-inch screen and will see the day’s light in October.

Speculation is rife in the tech world that the new rig from Apple will indeed bless the users with its 4G LTE power and a thinner but stronger Gorilla Glass 2. As usual, we expect an updated Apple A series processor chip but experts insist that it need not necessarily be the A5X chip we found in new iPad.

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