CloudPic Mobile to Enable DSLRs to Stream Pictures On Web

May 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Professional cameras take excellent photos. But it’s nearly impossible to stream them online, or uploading their content onto your social networking sites instantaneously. Clicking with smartphones may help you stream online, but quality will suffer.

Now, a Kickstarter project named CloudPic Mobile enables DSLR or digital camera owners to click and share their pictures on web instantaneously if they have a miniUSB port on their cameras.

CloudPic Mobile couples a Smartphone application with a digital camera compatible Bluetooth 4.0 device which can connect to smartphones and tablets irrespective whether they are running on iOs or Android platforms.

The Bluetooth device can send high quality pictures and even HD videos to any cloud storage service instantaneously via a smartphone or a tablet.

There are two advantages for the idea. First, almost all standard cameras come with a mini USB port. Second, CloudPic Mobile uses Bluetooth 4.0 which makes the process blaze paced at a transfer rate of 27 Mbps.

The photos and videos will be saved in an album from where users can decide whether to post them onto Facebook or send them selectively to family and friends. It is still a budding project at Kickstarter which so far has got $4,156 in pledges from 87 backers. The goal is to collect $20,000 goal in 21 days. So if you want to share your photos instantly from a DSLR, head to Kickstarter and pledge your support for the project.

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