Windows 8 To Bring In More Parental Controls, Better Web Filtering

May 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Kids, it’s time to bribe Microsoft if your parents are planning to upgrade to Windows 8 because the latest operating system comes with better parental control options.

Microsoft thinks it is better to have a monitoring approach first than outright carpet ban on certain contents and apps to children. Or to be exact, the company thinks coupling both the approaches works better.

The parental controls with Windows 8 allow parents to monitor what their kids are doing with the system whenever they want. Parents can first sign in with a Microsoft account and create separate user accounts for children in which they can check the box to activate Family safety settings.

Once it is activated, parents will get weekly reports on what each child was doing on the system and online in their email inboxes. The system also gives detailed information like hours of system usage, number of web pages visited under each domain along with what the kids  searched online.

Microsoft said that these new parental controls are just additional to what existed in Windows 7. There are more new features in the package like the ability to switch between different web filtering levels, which enables strict safe search on popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Like the bed time PC use restrictions available in Windows 7, Windows 8 will allow parents to restrict kids’ PC usage hours a day.

The new controls will also enable parents to keep an eye on Windows Store downloads, and the game rating level option makes sure that kids get no access to apps and games meant for adults.

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