Sony VAIO Z Series Notebooks to Grace the UK First

May 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Sony VAIO notebooks have already made a name as the most popular devices  globally, and you all know they deliver not only good performance but also communications in good designs. And so, any news relating to the Sony VAIO laptops can be big one. We just stumbled upon something new here.

It seems Sony will soon launch its new VAIO Z series notebooks, which are made differently from the earlier series of laptops. The new laptops are much lighter, smaller and tougher than their previous series.

Sony claims that the new notebook is built using carbon fiber and hexashell aluminum design, which should be enough to do all what it claims a modern day laptop can do.

The new machines in the Z series weigh less than 1.2 kg and are as thin as 17 mm. They will also deliver better performance thanks to the third generation Intel quad-core processors they hide within.

The laptop comes with a third generation SSD Flash RAID drives and an LTE/3G WMAN mobile broadband, which the VAIO S series devices carried with them.

The laptops are also very power-efficient, because they come with Rapid Wake + Eco functionality. So whenever you leave your device switched on, it will go into sleep mode while saving your data and processes.

Some of the models in the Sony VAIO Z series will also come with Power Media Dock. Apart from all that, users will experience rich colors and wide viewing angles thanks to the 13.1 inch Full HD VAIO Display Premium.

Though there is no word on the release date in the US, we hear the new machines will be available in the UK very soon. So UK, tell us your shopping plans.

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