Smartphone Saggy Faces May Be the Next Cosmetic Issue for Gadget Lovers [Video]

May 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you love texting and chatting on your smartphone, often with your face bending over, you may be risking the beauty of your face.

Leading plastic surgeons believe that spending lot of time leaning over gadgets may cause saggy faces in users.

The phenomenon is called ‘Smartphone Face’ and is believed to encourage a trend of increasing chinplant cosmetic surgeries. According to statistics available with American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the chinplant or the skin tightening treatment which costs around $ 7000 has overtaken other popular cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation and liposuction in 2011.

A number of leading doctors who are members of ASPS say that continuous laptop or smartphone use in a posture in which the user keeps his or her heads bent may cause the facial muscles and skin to lose their elasticity making their face look saggy.

According to doctors, since the jaws and facial skin are the two things which are first get hit by old age, a bad posture for prolonged time regularly can affect them badly. Saggy jaws, double chin and creases from the corners of the mouth down the chin can all be considered as symptoms of a Smartphone face.

While other factors like naturally short and weak chins, weight fluctuations and diet can cause the same conditions, doctors believe that the increase in the time spent by people every day bending over gadgets is a major cause for the phenomenon.

So next time when you text, don’t forget to keep your chin up.

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