Chameleon Launcher To Light Up Your Android Tablets

May 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android tablets are cute things. But many a time the stock launcher could end up being a big let down, particularly because of the lack of enough personalization capabilities. Thus our quest for an alternative home screen found a budding project at Kickstarter very interesting.

Dubbed as Chameleon launcher, it is an unconventional, extremely customizable home screen. Chameleon is an elite Android species since it runs only on Android tablets, that too if the rigs have Android 3.2 or higher versions in their veins.

At a glance, it has everything that is needed for a perfect home screen replacement. It packs full featured, visually appealing widgets without giving you a cluttered feel. However, it is the customization capabilities that caught our attention.

Just like other custom UIs like HTC’s Sense, Chameleon allows you to arrange and set unlimited number of home screens containing different widgets and information according to time and your need. For example, you may customize a suitable home screen for office hours and make the launcher to switch to it when it detects the exact GPS location of the office or connects to the office network. When you reach back home, it will switch to a UI that brings you relaxing and entertaining widgets based on time, GPS location or network.

So far, there are 333 backers for the project at Kickstarter. So if you are excited about it, head to the project at Kickstarter with $5 to back it and get early access to the launcher in August, full one month before it goes live.

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