Windows RT Devices to Have Limited Release Initially as Microsoft Restricts Two Slots Per Chip Maker

May 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are waiting desperately to lay your hands on Windows RT devices, you may go for some anxiety reduction since sources close to Microsoft say that the company may delay rolling out Windows RT devices in large numbers initially.

According to rumor mills closer to Microsoft’s Windows 8 plans, Windows RT machines – earlier called Windows on ARM machines – will be less in number initially as Microsoft has restricted only two slots per chip manufacturer.

At that rate, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments will get two slots per each which makes the total number of ARM designs available in the market in the initial stage to six.

It is not child’s play for Microsoft since each ARM chip maker’s platform differs very much from one another. Windows RT machines will be the first of their kind to run a full desktop operating system on ARM chips.

The grape vine says that NVIDIA chips may head to Asus and Lenovo stable to fit in their Windows RT designs. However, final decisions on the nature of these devices are yet to emerge. They can be tablets, hybrid devices or usual laptop designs.

Qualcomm has already fixed a deal with HP for a tablet. However, Nokia is also reportedly courting Qualcomm for being the candidate for its second slot. Currently there is no clear information available on the status of the Texas Instrument’s deals.

The first Windows RT device may see the days later this year.

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