Israeli Air Force May Use Nano Drones, Missile Launching Algorithm In Future

May 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A serious brain storming session that was on since mid-2009 has recently concluded at the headquarters of the Israeli Air Force in Tel Aviv. During the effort, named IAF 2030, some 300 Israeli Air Force officers were asked to deliberate on different aspects of the development of the air force.

What came out from the session, though highly classified, is very interesting. Officers were  divided into eight groups to look into different aspects like Advanced Information Technology, Vast Data, Space, Cyber, Environment, Intelligence, Human Factor and Organizational Behavior. Then to keep the brain storming sessions intensive, a ninth ‘Red Team’ was formed to challenge the assumptions formulated by the other groups.

The effort found interesting outcomes like nano drones smaller enough to hide it in pockets and helicopters manned by robots that will evacuate injured troops from a battle field. The teams also found that the upper reaches of the stratosphere have indefinite possibilities to be used for spying with balloons since no planes reach there.

One of the most controversial ideas developed include an algorithm that will help the pilots solve the issue of taking an ethical decision before firing the missile to his target. The tricky part is that when machines take over the war, they can be blamed for collateral damages leaving the pilot free from war crime tribunals.

However, the brain storming sessions  also produced innovative ideas like portable helmets which work as a flight simulator that can train pilots, on-demand micro satellites and using school kids in IAF schools to farm out technical codes.

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