Apple Security Update for Leopard Released as Part of Fight against Flashback Trojan

May 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It looks like Apple is gradually increasing its pace to suit the zeal and fervor of the Flashback Trojan that has been making use of a java vulnerability associated with Mac OS X to spread across Mac machines world over at a blazing pace.

After coming under fire for delayed security updates at the instance of detecting the Trojan activity, iGiant has released updates for both Snow Leopard and Lion versions of the Mac OS to remove the Trojan.

However, Leopard version users were left alone to defend the Trojan attacks their own. But now, the Cupertino based company has released a Flashback Trojan Removal Security Update for Leopard machines too.

The security update comes in a tiny pack of 1.23 MB and removes the Flashback Trojan from the system if it is infected. To prevent any future infiltration attempt from the Trojan, the update will disable the java plug in with the Safari browser.

According to Apple, the update can fight back almost all common variants of the Trojan and will notify the user if a malware is found and removed. The company also informs that in some cases a system restart also should be prompted.

In addition, Leopard also got Security Update 2012-003 which is similar to those released for Lion and Snow Leopard last week.

The update disables any Flash player version that does not have latest security updates or allows users to download a latest version from official website.

Leopard should thank the Trojan since this is the first major update for Leopard from Apple ever since the company has launched new version Lion in last July.

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