Amazon 8.9 Inch Slate to Roll Out Ahead of Holiday Season; New Kindle Fire E-reader in July

May 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When they wanted to make an attack on the tablet market, book seller Amazon trained its troops carefully and attacked the lower segment of the slate market with a $200, 7-incher weapon, which we now call as Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

It went on with its success campaign to become the most popular Android tablet. So now we know that Amazon should be preparing for the next attack. So what they could be aiming at this time?

Obviously there is no official word from Amazon, but sources close to the horse hint that the company is planning to try its luck with one more tablet device, this time something bigger than Kindle Fire in its size.

According to anonymous sources close to Amazon, the company, in all possibilities, will debut an 8.9 inch tablet this year itself.

Though there is no pricing details or possible specification list emerged so far, it is rumored that Amazon will roll out this new tablet close to the holiday season.

Again rumor mills close to Amazon says that the company is also planning to bring out a new Kindle e-Reader in July. The news in the wind says that the new Kindle e-Reader will have a front light so that users can even read in low-light conditions without straining their eyes.

This upcoming Kindle Fire e-reader will be available in WI-Fi and 3G versions. There are chances that the new variant will have a higher price than the existing model.

Now tell us if you are excited about Amazon’s decision to try its luck with a larger tablet.

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