Snapkeys 2i Touchscreen Keyboard Downloadable Version Heads for Android Devices this Summer

May 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chances are that you have heard of the Snapkeys 2i imaginary interface earlier. It had been a topic of discussion in the tech world last year.

Jared Newman of Techland has been heard saying that he was able to test the Snapkeys 2i at the CTIA Wireless show, and thinks the concept could actually work.

The concept is expected to replace the traditional QWERTY keyboard. It comes with four buttons that float near the bottom corners of the phone or tablet or whatever device it is to be equipped with.

Users, well-versed in touch screen typing, can blind type on touchscreen devices using predictive text technology.

A glance through Newman’s review makes it clear that the technology of Snapkeys 2i could become effortless over time. But he points out certain drawbacks too.

While using this interface, you need to swipe a thumb across the button in the direction of the letter to be typed, so typing nouns or other unrecognized words might take time. This is some thing that happens with numbers as well as special characters.

Well, the latest news regarding Snapkeys 2i is that the manufacturer will soon bring about a downloadable version of it, which would be compatible with Android devices. This might come out by around summer.

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