Seraku Android Powered Mirror Prototype Shown; OS Goes Beyond Handhelds

May 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Will the Android OS become a very common or everyday general household commodity? It looks like that such a time is not too far for such a scenario to dawn.

In future, we might have the platform on our furniture, accessories, showpieces and what not. And this could be regarded as a first step towards such a makeover.

May be as the first venture towards this, Japanese company Seraku has come up with an Android-powered mirror. Though the manufacturer has revealed only the prototype, and has not thought of a commercial product yet, nothing stops us from imagining a world where Android is no more associated with smartphones or tablets alone?

This is how it works: The mirror has got a small portion, which acts as the display. This portion has been incorporated with a separate LCD monitor.

A piece of semi-transparent reflective glass is fixed upon the LCD. So actual trick is, the apps and functions that are displayed are mirrored from an Android tablet fixed behind the entire set up.

News updates, the weather, meters, measurements or scales – all will be displayed by the mirror. The RF proximity sensor enables the users not to have to touch the glass to interact with any function.

Seraku says that the product can be of use in salons or other establishments where users can fill out questionnaires. Folks, what do you think about the pragmatic aspects of this product?

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