Flight of the Century Project Aims to Develop Electric Plane that Never Lands for Refuelling

May 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The world is always seeking sustainable ways of engineering. So sustainable vehicle concepts are considered very important and we happen to come across such an interesting concept of future transport recently.

Before going to the concept, let us ask you a question. Do you like a car which needs no gasoline and runs forever by recharging itself? If you think that is an exciting idea, world record setting engineer Chip Yates is working on a similar idea.

However, his aim is not to develop the car in our question. He is working on something bigger – an aeroplane that flies forever without the need to come down for fuel recharge.

There are two interesting things with this concept aeroplane. One – it is fueled by electric power saved in batteries. Second – it need not land in an airport to refuel its battery.

To make the scenario clear, one should understand that attempts on electric powered airplanes have some limitations as of date. The long rage electric powered air plane developed so far can only travel a maximum distance of several hundred miles.

However, Yates has developed a concept flight which avoids carrying a giant battery which will run out in an hour or so, as in present electric-powered flights.

To overcome this, Yates says that his concept flight will release batteries after they are depleted and new battery packs will be flown in and put in place automatically.

Though the idea may seem just like science fiction, Yates is known for developing similar ideas into real vehicles.

He built an electric powered motorcycle which can fetch speeds near 200 miles per hour, making it the fastest electric motorcycle till date.

We hope his new project, which is dubbed Flight of the Century, will set new records when it comes out with a working prototype.

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