Twitter Mobile Web App Goes Low-Bandwidth Friendly

May 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was just a while ago that ComScore released an interesting study on the social networking usage behavior among smartphone users.

They had then found that people browsing from their mobile devices tend to spent more time on social networking spaces than their PC using counterparts.

May be it is just a coincidence, but Twitter, the most popular micro blogging service, has decided to give some extra care to its users who hop on to this space via their mobile phones.

The new development makes the Twitter mobile web app more useful for users who access it through old browsers, feature phones or connecting from a low-bandwidth connection.

According to an official blog post from Twitter, the new mobile web app takes one third less bandwidth than the earlier app making it to load faster on low-bandwidth connections and on devices that does not have good browsing features like smartphone.

The move will undoubtedly help Twitter improve its performance in the developing world where people are plagued by the absence of faster internet connections due to bandwidth issues.

More usability on low bandwidth connection will improve its position in its competition with Facebook to be the most popular social networking service on the web.

Certain estimates on social networking usage from the developing world have revealed that India alone houses some 46 million Facebook users, while Indonesia has a massive 42 million users.

So the Twitter move to be friendlier with low-bandwidth connections will help it get more growing users from these parts of the world.

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