LG Lines Up Network Partners for High-End Phones

May 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As the CTIA 2012 show is hitting media headlines for many reasons, we have spotted an interesting development related to the show that can throw some light on the plans of LG in pushing its smartphone business to new heights.

If you remember well, we have seen many high-end elite LG phones coming out to see the daylight in a similar show in the beginning of the year.

It was at the Mobile World Congress which took place in Barcelona during the second month of this year that LG has showed off phones like Optimus 4X HD, Optimus Vu, and 3DMax.

Though some of them are already available in some parts of the globe, the US is yet to get a taste of the devices in the Optimus line up, especially the Optimus 4X HD, which LG showed off at MWC.

Now peep machines from CTIA – a major trade show where all the limelight pours in – say that LG is setting up display boards for these high-end devices like Optimus 4X HD at the venue of the show.

So this could be a very good sign that the smartphone maker is going to throw some light on the status of these devices as far as US market is concerned.

So far, no carrier in the US has come forward announcing any chances of getting this device on their network. LG has also been keeping tight lipped on network partnership in the US.

So by connecting the dots, it is highly likely that LG may announce  the network partners for these devices at the CTIA show this time. So if you are excited about LG announcements at the CTIA 2012, stay tuned.

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