Smartphone Users Spent More Time Social Networking: Study

May 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new study conducted among the US netizens reveals an important insight about the means and trends of social networking use.

It makes it clear that people browsing from a mobile device spent more time on social networking sites on an average than those who access the social networking sites from a PC.

Released a while ago, the study conducted by ComScore shows a smartphone user with an interest in social networking spent at least seven hours on Facebook on an average during March when the study was conducted.

The figure is one hour more than what it is seen in the case of those who accessed Facebook through PCs.

The study indicates that social networking is a popular activity among smartphone users, than that of their PC using counter parts.

The findings of the study suit the figures released by the social networking behemoth Facebook in the end of last year, which showed that more than 425 million active users accessed the service through a mobile device. That constitutes half of the monthly active users of Facebook.

While the social networking frenzy on the smartphone space is increasing, it is not restricted to Facebook.

Twitter users who browse from their phones spent an average of two hours during March when the study was conducted.

Apart from revealing the inclination to social networking among mobile users the study has also revealed that Google is the top to attract unique traffic from mobile users with nearly 94 million unique visitors heading to the search giant.

It makes about 96.9 percent of the total mobile audience. Facebook was second with a 78 million visitors while, you believe it or not, Yahoo was third with 66.2 million visitors.

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