HTC One X Cam and Image Processing Showcase Awesomeness

May 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, we don’t think you would refute it if we say that HTC One X and One S are some of the best Android smartphones available in the market as of now.

These devices carry along a lot of interesting features and good performance which have made them an instant hit among gadget lovers, let alone Android fans.

However, amidst the fanfare about the specs and other features of the device, one should not forget to look at the elite imaging technology and related elements in this Android phone.

They indeed come with a greatly improved camera and image processing abilities than any other Android smartphone from HTC till date.

Christened in the usual HTC way as ImageSense, the rig showcases a new and elite image processing culture which is unheard in devices from the same clan.

Though the first pictures uploaded by HTC top bosses as part of a promotion were not very impressive, if you try the cam on this smartphone with your creative head and some help from ImageSense, you can produce wonderful pictures which are an impossibility with many other Android smartphones.

You can actually feel the difference if you just tap the picture of something with the HTC One X cam and another Smartphone cam.

However, do not expect something to the level of high end consumer cams in the results. After all, you are using a smartphone, not an elite snapping device. The ability of the cam comes out especially in low-light shots where the Back Side Illuminated sensor can fetch better results.

So that’s what we feel about the HTC One X and it’s image processing ability. If you have tried it hands on, share your say here.

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