BlackBerry 10 Features Leaked’ Screen Sharing, In-Built Video Editor Revealed

May 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

RIM is not ready to reveal much about their Blackberry 10 device, but some of its features and specs were leaked through a forum.

The new leak brings along details about the BlackBerry 10, which was not demoed by Research In Motion when they showcased some of the news about it last week. The new leak reveals a few thinks about the new tablet OS.

Reportedly originating from a document internal to RIM supposed to enlighten the staff on the features of BlackBerry 10, the leak shows that the rig will have a new lock screen to its credit and deep social networking integration to lure the social networking crazy folks.

Another interesting catch with the leak is that it divulges some details on the possible built-in video editor that will be included. There has been a major overhaul with the interface as well, with a more modern touch is given to the existing BlackBerry 7 interface.

It carries more clear notifications on the lock screen and an easy short cut to the camera app.

The leak also says that the new OS will show the four most recently used apps, when you unlock the device after a lull. Harmattan/MeeGo-style home screen pane swiping and universal messaging inbox on the right are also laudable features.

The leaked screen shots also show that the new OS allows screen sharing also. In short, the leak is more informative than what BlackBerry did at BlackBerry World 2012 last week.

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