MyndPlay Lets You Play Cool

May 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sometimes, team players who have a very short temper, make the dumbest of decisions. This, in turn pushes, the entire team towards failure. This is true especially in games like DotA.

Such scenarios have been an issue that the gamers all around the world have been facing. And so, a device named MyndPlay has come into being.

What is MyndPlay? Well, it is a device that can read your brain’s activity by analyzing the brain’s electrical signals. This revolutionary device might be just what MMORPG gamers need as this will reduce the possibility of the team’s failure by the actions of one person.

With the growing demand and rate of online gamers, it isn’t a surprise that something like this has come out. Pretty soon, you can bet that more stuff like this will appear in the marketplace.

But will this device be used by gamers? It all depends on the price, features and requirements of the rig. You can be sure of one thing though, if anyone is going to make use of this device, the first will be DotA players.

Anyway, if you are a short tempered gamer, you can really use this device and reduce the risk of getting shouted at by your other team members if you somehow mess up the ‘team plan’ that kills your team members and feeds the opponents, who then would be pretty hard to beat.

What do you think about this cool stuff ? Tell us your thoughts.

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