iphone5.com Domain Name Claimed by Apple in WIPO Filing

May 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Finally, the iPhone 5 is coming. Now that Apple is on schedule to roll out their next iPhone device, rumors and guess work about the name of the next device also have started coming up.

The latest in the line of the hints came out from an unexpected quarter. The iGiant has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) claiming the right on a domain name – iphone5.com.

Though there is no official acknowledgement from the Cupertino-based company about the name of the upcoming iPhone, the move to file a complaint at WIPO gives a possible hint that the next iPhone from Apple may have an iPhone 5 name.

But, as you know official names of an upcoming device is the most mysterious thing in the Apple world till a device surfaces. Almost everybody expected an iPhone 5 to follow iPhone 4, but Apple came out with an iPhone 4S name. Similarly, when everybody expected an iPad 3, they just officially called it the new iPad, so that it stays new always.

So the name of the next iPhone can be anything else too and the filing with the WIPO is just part of avoiding phishing attempts. But presently, the domain belongs to a forum and protest is strong among the users of the forum against Apple’s move to take it over.

Apple is notorious for taking over domain names related to its products. They have taken over seven iPhone domain names in last November through complaints filed at WIPO. So what happens with the iphone5.com domain is yet to be seen, just as the name of the next iPhone.

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