Adobe Releases Security Patch for Latest Flash Player Update

May 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe has released a security patch for the update they released recently. All users are to get the security patch.

The security patch for the Adobe Flash Player is for the version and the previous versions of the software in Linux, Windows and Macintosh. The version is for Android 4.0, and its earlier versions for Android 3 and 2.

The reason for the problem in the new update for the Adobe Flash Player is ‘ Object confusion Vulnerability’ which reduces the integrity of the software and it makes it easier for the hackers to take over your pc or infect it.

The earlier version of the Adobe Flash Player had a flaw and was found out by the hackers who used the software for their malicious activity.

The intensity of the problem increased while using the Internet Explorer. What happens is that the users will get a mail from a fake address and when the users open it, their PC will get affected.

Though there are reports that only Windows systems will be affected, it is better for the Mac and Linux users to update the security as well.

You can never be too safe when it comes to your PC. And so it will be a good idea for everyone to do as Adobe says.

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