Windows 8 to Have Media Center with DVD Playback as a Separate Upgrade

May 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As Windows 8 is nearing a near final pre-release in the first week of June and a full release possibly by fall, Microsoft has been sharing info on the growth stages of the much hyped platform time to time.

In their latest messages, they have made it clear that Windows Media Center is going to stay this time with Windows 8 too just like it did it with the last two versions of the Windows platform.

But don’t think that everything about Windows Media Center will be just the same as that with the earlier editions.

There will indeed be differences in the Windows Media Center experience when you play with it on the Metro style UI of the new platform. But there is something beyond that.

So the news is that Microsoft is going to take apart Windows Media Center from being a part of the usual Windows platform package. Now you need to spent additional bucks if you want to have the Windows Media Center experience on Windows 8.

Considering the cost of the decoder licensing, and a bunch of other similar concerns, the company has decided to make Windows Media Center available to Windows 8 consumers through the Add Features to Windows 8 option as an upgrade for a price. Otherwise too, the app will be available in all editions –  but without DVD playback.

So the options are – buy Windows 8 Pro with Windows 8 Media Center Pack or if you have only Windows 8, buy Windows 8 Pro pack to get it.

The prices are yet to be announced, but Microsoft promises that the prices will be in line with marginal costs.

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