Jaguar XKX Electric Concept Could Well be the Future of EVs

May 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Jaguar is preparing to stun the world with their futuristic new XKX concept car. The amazing creation delivers not only power, but also performance, good-looks and power efficiency.

This electric motor vehicle is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag, which in turn gives you more mileage. But that isn’t all this car has to offer. What really set it apart are its brilliant features.

Let’s start with the mirrors. The mirrors on the XKX Jaguar aren’t like any other normal rear view mirrors. Truly high-tech, these 1 cm thick mirrors will perfectly fold themselves and fit into a shallow hatch made for them on the door when the car is parked. Once the car is turned on, they unfold by themselves. This feature is aimed at reducing the risk of the mirrors getting damaged.

Another feature we love is the well-thought-out aerodynamic design that reduces the lag due to air. What it does is that it directs the air behind the front wheels, getting behind them, along the sliding doors, through the rear wheels and through the rear-opening.

Another important capability is its ability to regenerate power. Yes, you heard us right. The car regenerates its own power.

Wonder how? Well… as you may already know, around 60% of the energy used by a car is spent on countering air friction.

The car is covered by a layer which includes microscopic ripples of piezoelectric cells, which produce electricity when air flows over them. This in turn goes back to the car as power.

Don’t you think Jaguar is putting on the roads an amazing concept in automotive technology?

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