Amazon Kindle Fire Gets Second Update; Offers More Parental Control

May 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In what turns out to be a second update in a matter of approximately a month’s time, Amazon will push more features to its hot cake Android tablet Kindle Fire in the coming days.

Dubbed Kindle Fire Software Update Version 6.3.1, the new update gives more parental control to Kindle Fire users.

The first update within a thirty day frame offered better Wi-Fi connections and sharing options along with other better features on Amazon ecosystem. However, the new update offers many options to the users to restrict access to content inside a Kindle Fire tablet.

These new features include the ability to keep purchased content safe under the protection of passwords and allow them to disable access to certain content libraries.

If you want to stop the kids browse web from your Kindle Fire tablet, now the new update offers blocking the Silk Web browser entirely for certain users of the tablet.

The update is scheduled to hit the devices in the coming days as an Over-The-Air update. Now if you are not sure about getting the update on your device, just tap on the Quick Settings icon followed by selecting ‘More’ to get the ‘Device’ option where you can check the present device version. If the current device version is shown as ‘Current Version: 6.3.1’, it is time to check the new parental controls that have came to your device.

If you find an older version in the place, just go to ‘Sync’ under Quick Settings to get the update Over The Air. Users can also opt to install the update via USB by manually downloading the update form Amazon store.

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