Addonics CipherUSB Offers Password-Free Strong Encryption through USB Ports

May 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you think there is a need to keep your data more safe by applying some top level encryption to it, you have got a new option now.

Addonics has just announced a data encryption device that works through any USB port and secures data through complex encryption quickly and easily.

Dubbed CipherUSB, the new product can encrypt data on flash drives, USB hard drives or even on CDs and DVDs, provided that all the drives are connected to computer via a USB port.

CipherUSB looks just like a usual flash drive with a device end where users can connect the drive in which they plan to keep the encrypted data. The other end of CipherUSB can be connected to any USB port on PCs or laptops.

It appears on the computer just like other drives and allows encrypting the data without the need of remembering passwords.

When connected through the CipherUSB, the data written to the attached device will be automatically encrypted with AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

The technology used with the CipherUSB claims to leave no traces of the secret cipher code in the RAM or cache of the computer where the encryption is done.

The encrypted data can be again accessed through any computer or device with a USB port but only with the matching CipherUSB device.

Users can also opt to mix encrypted and unencrypted burning sessions on a disc or drive according to their need, but the encrypted portions can be accessed only with a matching CipherUSB only.

Otherwise, the encrypted area and data will be invisible when connected to a USB port. Addonics will sell this device  for $29.95 and is ready to ship.

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