Yahoo Marketing Dashboard Comes to Small Business Owners; Provides Better Web Analytics and More

May 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Recently, Yahoo made an announcement to save themselves from sinking. The company decided to axe some of its online services just like it axed many heads from its workforce.

Yahoo had then said the cuts were part of their attempt to pay more attention to existing profitable services. Now it seems that Yahoo! Small Business is one of the services that Yahoo is going to focus on.

Giving some confirmation to the thought, the onetime web giant has now released a free tool dubbed Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard for users of the Yahoo! Small Business to discover new marketing opportunities online.

The tool will give detailed web analytics to the users about the results of their marketing campaigns, online reputation and web site performance.

It is more than just analytics, since the design and features of the program are meant to meet the needs of a small business owner. It gathers key business metrics from the web and places them in one place in such a way that the small business owner can focus more on growing his or her business with effective and focused utilization of limited resources.

The key features of the service include monitoring and guidance about possible listing opportunities in web directories across 100 sites including Yelp, Yahoo! Local.

The service also calculates the online reputation of user business from over 8000 sources, including social media spheres. It allows campaign tracking, and provides news and advice that can improve the business along with detailed site traffic details.

Now it is time to check it for yourself if you think Yahoo is not going to die.

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