Microsoft Streaming Their E3 Press Conference On The Xbox 360

May 3, 2012, By Christian Davis

Yes, we’d all love to go to Microsoft’s Press Conference in person each year. I’ve been to only one so far, and it was a blast! Though, the only way for someone to get into those kinds of events is if you’re in the video game industry in some way. That may not be the most accessible for some, so Microsoft is going to do everyone a solid and stream their press conference LIVE on your very own Xbox 360 according to Major Nelson. It’s quite surprising that this doesn’t happen more often, but hopefully it will pick up soon.

This is the first time this Microsoft has done this on their console. Usually, the show is played live on Spike TV and on the internet. This is just more convenient! Will Sony follow with the same pattern? Hopefully so.  Last year Sony streamed the world fighting game championship tournament EVO through their console. It was great to have that option, but from my experience, it wasn’t up to snuff.

Microsoft Press Conference will be held on June 4th, so make sure you have your Xbox 360 on so you don’t miss it. I’ll be there in person and hopefully you’ll see me in the crowd.


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