Cameras on Tablets: Are They Something to Go Crazy About? Have Your Say

May 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the rapid convergence of services and devices and the onslaught of digital technology, certain manufactures have a false notion that anything and everything possible should be slapped on to any device no matter how people use it.

We have felt this right from the moment we were finding manufacturers like Apple boasting about an improved camera on their new tablet.

To be frank, we don’t find cameras on a tablet as something one could be drooling about. It is just a feature, not a very attractive one when it comes to a tablet, right?

It is necessary for video calls, but that is just for video calls and you need not spent much on an improved camera for a video call, right?

We have felt it time and again when we have seen people trying taking a snap or shooting a video with a tablet, almost in an awkward way since tablets, unlike their smartphone counter parts, often demands holding them tight if you want to get the shot without shakes.

The fact that camera is not the fancy queen on a tablet can be understood with the fact that the Kindle Fire, the most successful cheap tablet ever, has no shutter eye but it was never thought to be a shortcoming in the market.

Well, what do you think about cameras on tablets? Do you think it is a feature to which you will die for? Or do you think it is nice to have cam on a tab, but not a necessity. Let us know about your say here in the comments.

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