Asus Padfone Delayed Due to Snapdragon S4 Chip Shortage

May 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know many of you were pretty interested in a device like the Padfone from Asus from the day they showed it off.

This tablet-smartphone hybrid is actually a smartphone, but when inserted into a screen dock, gives you a tablet experience. We had heard that the much expected rig was supposed to come out officially in the Taiwanese market for the first time by the end of April, followed by an Italian launch in late May.

But now April is gone and far, and May is running. Recent response from the company circles suggest that the hybrid device may be delayed.

Reason? Shortage of chips. Asus Padfone uses the dual core chip Snapdragon S4, which was early reported as showing symptoms of short supply.

Now an official tweet from Asus Indonesia gives it as some sort of official explanation for Padfone delay. The tweet, when translated, reads like Qualcomm is still suffering from Snapdragon S4 supply, which is ‘unfortunately’ the chip used in Asus Padfone.

There are unconfirmed reports that Asus official spokesman also has indirectly admitted it as the reason to certain press sources.

The official from Asus is reported to have admitted that the Snapdragon S4 shortage from Qualcomm is affecting all Qualcomm customers.

Well, that is clever way of telling that Asus is also made to drag its schedules due to chip delay since they are included in the Qualcomm customer’s lists.

Let us hope that the chip supply will flourish and things will change for the Padfone roadmap soon.

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